Mobile Spa Services & Pricing

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Spa-Style Services

At HMPS, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality at all times, while keeping the comfort and safety of your pet in mind every step of the way. If an issue arises a groomer will sit down to openly discuss the issue.

Luxury Spa Bath

Complete with all-natural shampoo, conditioner, and calming essential oils.

Skin & Coat Care

Shed-less treatment, flea shampooing, or deep coat conditioner available individually.

Sensitive Skin Care

Medicated or oatmeal shampoo treatments for sensitive skin and silky coats.

Nail Care

Carefully clipped and ground toenails for your cat or dog.

Mouth Care

Teeth brushing and all-natural breath freshening products.

Ear Care

Gentle ear cleaning with all-natural products.

Serving the greater Houston area, 7 days a week.

At HMPS, our holistic, high-end grooming services come complete with a salon style experience for your pet. From dogs to cats, Heather’s is the mobile groomer of choice for those with pets who are more like family. Our clients always “ooh” and “aah” when greeting their furry friend fresh out of their HMPS spa experience.

Our Pricing

The prices listed below are starting prices only. Price is subject to change based on your pet’s behavior, coat type, texture, and the time required to safely complete the grooming process.

Basic Bath PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$78
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$108
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$128
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$138
Premium Bath PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$94
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$124
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$144
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$154
Diamond Bath PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$104
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$134
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$154
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$164
VIP Bath PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$138
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$168
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$188
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$198
Basic Haircut PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$98
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$128
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$148
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$178
Premium Haircut PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$114
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$144
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$164
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$194
Diamond Haircut PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$124
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$154
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$174
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$204
VIP Haircut PackageView Details
Small (under 30 lbs)$158
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$188
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$208
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$238
Poodle & Doodle Baths
Small (under 30 lbs)$148
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$168
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$188
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$208
Poodle & Doodle Haircuts
Small (under 30 lbs)$168
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$188
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$208
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$228
Cocker Spaniels
Feline Friends
Scissor Cuts & Precision Work
Small (under 30 lbs)$15
Medium (between 31-50 lbs)$20
Large (between 51-75 lbs)$25
Extra Large (76+ lbs)$30
Specialty Shampoos & Conditioners
Medicated Shampoo$10
Oats & Aloe Shampoo$10
Griminator Shampoo$10
Bright White Shampoo$10
Flea Bath (includes flea bite relief)$30
Shed Less Shampoo (a la carte)$25
Add-On Services & Products
Shed Less Treatment (see treatment details)$40
Nail Care (clipped and ground nails)$20
Mouth Care (teeth brushed and breath freshened)$15
CBD Treat Bag$19.99
Zen Experience (Aromatherapy, Mud Bath, Teeth Brushing/Breath Spray, and Bandana)$40
Hygiene Package (Nails trimmed & filed, ears cleaned, Pads & feet trimmed, Sanitary areas trimmed, Teeth brushing & breath foam, Brushout, and Pet perfume)$70

Disclaimer: We currently accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and check payments. All checks must be made payable to Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon, LLC. We are a PCI compliant company, meaning clients may opt to keep their credit card on file for their convenience.