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Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments & Payments

All major credit cards. 

Your groomer will message you the evening before your appointment once the route has been set to let you know where you are in line for your appointment. Due to the unpredictable nature of working with live animals we are unable to guarantee an exact time for your appointment.  We do offer latchkey and contact-less appointments to better serve your busy schedule. 

If you cancel within 24 hours of, or on the same day that your appointment is scheduled, a cancelation fee of 50% of your full ticket will be charged to your card on file.

Appointments not confirmed two days before your scheduled appointment will be cancelled at no fee. Appointments canceled after hours the day before your appointment or the day of your appointment will result in a late cancelation fee of 50% of your full ticket. *excludes emergencies*

We understand that plans can change and are happy to accommodate your schedule to the best of our abilities. We do ask for at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule any appointments. This time frame allows us to fill your appointment spot so that our groomers do not lose income and another pup waiting can be fit in.

While we would love to offer specific times for each client, we do have to factor in special requirements for some pets who may need a little more time or attention, weather and traffic delays, and our routing schedule to efficiently get to each of our clients every day. The only guaranteed time slot that we can offer is the first of the morning.  If your schedule requires a later in the day appointment or you cannot be home for the appointment, we do offer latch key services to accommodate any schedule.

The cancelation policy requires 50% of the full ticket to be paid for all appointments canceled within 24 hours or on the same day of the appointment .  All appointments not confirmed by 10am two days before your appointment will be removed from the schedule at no charge.

Once the appointment has been completed please inform your groomer of how often you would like your pet groomed.  We book in even numbers week increments.  For your convenience we do offer latchkey appointments.

As long as we have access to your pet, payment and detailed instructions for your pets grooming, we do not require anyone be home.

Due to insurance regulations and safety, no one other than employees of Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon may be inside of the van for any reason.


We do not require that your pet is current on their vaccinations but we do ask if they are behind or can not be vaccinated due to medical reasons that we are made aware. We do require a 48 hour wait period between any vaccinations and a grooming appointment for safety reasons. 

Some animals have negative reactions to vaccinations soon after receiving them. For their safety, we require 48 hours after any vaccinations have been administered before we can work with any pet.

We always do our best to groom to the specifications of each client. If the pet is matted, we will do what we can to de-mat the hair, but will never put any animal through unnecessary pain or stress. If matting is too severe or the pet is not tolerating the de-matting process, we will need to shave to just below the matting and start over with a fresh coat. De-matting causes damage to the hair and will increase the likelihood of future matting so it is sometimes better to shave and start over with a healthy coat. Our groomers will never shave a pet without consent from the client. Additional charges apply depending on the severity of matting and the time spent either brushing them out or safely shaving underneath.

We do not do anal gland expression. Studies show that frequent gland expression damages the muscle strength which allows most dogs to express their glands naturally. We no longer offer gland expression due to risk of injury, loss of natural muscle strength, and possibility of rupture. This procedure should only be done by a vet as needed.

We do not pluck inner ear hair. Plucking the hair inside of the ear canal is only recommended when absolutely necessary due to matted hair. Pulling these hairs opens the pores up to dirt, debris, and bacteria which can lead to more frequent ear infections. The best course of action is to trim those hairs as short as possible while not damaging the pores of the skin

If your pet has special shampoo due to skin issues we most certainly will use that. Aside from that we prefer to use our products to ensure the highest quality groom possible.

Health & Behavior

Our number one concern is your pet’s well-being. In the event your pet shows signs of distress or aggression we reserve the right to stop all grooming. In the event of old age we may suggest further grooming be done by an in home groomer or at your local vet clinic. Fees may apply.

We do not groom pregnant or nursing dogs for 8 weeks postpartum.

No. If your appointment is scheduled during your dog’s heat cycle, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.

For the safety of our staff and our client’s pets, we do not work with aggressive animals. 

We do love our senior pets, but for safety reasons we have an age cut off at 14 years of age.  Pets need to be healthy and able to stand for the groom to reduce stress or injury. Additionally, we are no longer taking pets that have the following:

  • Heart conditions (this includes heart worm positive dogs)
  • Neck or back issues
  • Pets prone to seizures  
  • Pets with tracheal issues
  • Pets with cancer / on chemo
  • Any recent surgeries will require a vet approval (with the exception of spay and neuter)

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