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About Us

Caring, quality grooming that comes to you. At Heather's we’re more than groomers. We’re partners in your pet’s wellness. We understand you want a grooming team that treats your pet like family, creates a stress-free experience with extraordinary empathy, and integrates holistic health and wellness practices into your pet's grooming regimen.

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Meet Heather

As a young groomer, Heather developed a specialized expertise in handling and rehabilitating scared, abused, or traumatized pets — all while running a no-kill kennel and honing her grooming skills.

After 21 years of seeing the same thing over and over, she developed a trained eye and hands-on approach to caring for animals of all kinds.

“When grooming, it’s so important to slow down and take your time to better understand the animal holistically. They work off our energy, so if you’re stressed, scared, or anxious, they will be too.” – Heather

Our Team

We understand you want a groomer that treats your pet like family, creates a stress-free experience, and utilizes holistic health and wellness practices into your pet’s grooming regimen.

Why Mobile?

Mobile grooming is a convenient, efficient way to care for your pets. With no pick up and drop offs needed, our cage-free experience is a great alternative to in-store grooming!

Grooming 101

We understand that our clients aren’t groomers and might not know industry lingo. Check out these common grooming terms we may use from time to time, so you always know exactly what to expect!

Calm touch. Healing energy.

For Heather, going the extra mile means being CPR-certified and trained in the energy healing method, Reiki. Each member of the HMPS team is a fellow CPR-certified groomer, who’s been trained to look for body language cues and warning signals from animals. From past triggers and separation anxiety to physical trauma, this team eases it all during the grooming process.

We aren’t just groomers, we’re partners in your pet’s health and wellness.

We’re proud to support “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” We understand the importance of helping animals in need and provide volunteer grooming services for rescues and strays that have endured abuse and assist overwhelmed shelters in preparing animals for adoption.