Our Team

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“I’m Debbie and I’ve been grooming for 15 years. My favorite dog breed is the Brussels Griffon — so much so, that I have six of my own to love on at home! I’ve participated in dog shows for years now and enjoy getting to be around animals all the time. I love what I do and look forward to continuing to pamper pups!”


“I’m Lynne, and I’ve been in the grooming industry for six years now. I absolutely adore getting to work with animals every day. This age-old saying really rings true for me: it’s not a job when you love what you do!”


“As a groomer for more than 45 years, I’ve worked extensively with all breeds of show dogs and cats, as well as farm animals like rabbits, horses, goats, sheep, and cattle. My goal as a groomer is to help make each and every household pet look and feel like a champion.”


“Hi! I’m Alyssa. I’ve been grooming for nine years and have four dogs of my own (one Poodle, two Labradoodles, and an Aussie mix!). For me, the best part about being a groomer is getting to see pets transform and leave with big smiles on their faces. I’m truly proud to be part of this team and to be serving such amazing clients.”


“When I was little, I read every animal book in the library that I could get my hands on. In 2004, at the age of 16, I started working in the pet industry. Just two years later, I was learning to groom! My favorite part of the grooming process is seeing the transformation. They look cute at the end of the grooming experience, but you can just tell they feel better, too!”


“Hi, I’m Heather! I was inspired to start Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon by my sweet, sixteen year old cat Punky Brewster and my love of animals in general. I’ve been pampering pets in the grooming industry for over 20 years, and every day I’m reminded I chose the right career path. Caring for animals is more than my job… it’s my passion!”