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    Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon

    Thank you for visiting our site, a full-service grooming salon right at your door.
    Mobile grooming is a convenient service that caters to pet owners who have a difficult time getting to the groomer’s regularly or who are unable to make the trip at all. All breeds are welcome and cats are welcome too!


    • Personal attention right in front of your residence.
    • A quieter calmer atmosphere means less stress for you pet.
    • A combined 30 years of experience of high-end pet pampering.
    • No car sick pets going to and coming from the groomers.
    • No cages loaded with restless, distracting, and barking dogs.
    • No waiting for a call to pick up your pet.
    • No hair in your vehicle.
    • No sitting in traffic.

    The price includes the call out fee, toenails clipped and grinded, ears cleaned, a bath with all natural shampoo and conditioner, coat polish, perfume, and a de-shedding treatment or haircut. Taxes are not included.

    If mobile grooming is right for you and your pet, give me a call to set up an appointment. Spaces fill quickly!

    *Glands expressed at request of owner but we recommend it be done by a vet.

    If you have any questions call: 281.546.0697

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