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Thank you for choosing Heather's Mobile Pet Salon for your pets pampering experience. We know you have choices when it comes to your pets stylists so we thank you for trusting us with your 4 legged family member. We wanted to take a few moments and go over some post grooming tips and tricks.

My pet got shaved. Now what?

We believe in humanity over vanity and will never put a pet in an uncomfortable situation for a cosmetic benefit. In the instance your pet was shaved, we assure you it was for their overall well-being and general comfort. De-matting, or brushing out mats can be a painful process and we want your pet to enjoy their time with us, however short it may be.

Some of the issues that may arise after your pet has been shaved could range from redness where the matting was removed, to hematomas; a collection of blood in the ear from removing mats and the pets shaking their heads, and razor burn which is irritation to the skin that sometimes occurs in areas that have not been shaved in some time or on sensitive skin. Razor burn on pets is similar to razor burn on humans. This occurs when the clippers need to get between the matting and the skin for removal of the mats. Unfortunately, when pets are in a matted state, many of the issues that arise are out of our control.

In the event your pet does have some redness, it will generally go away within a few days.

Some dogs may even behave differently after being shaved. With the protection of hair gone, the air on their body, and in some cases in their ear canal may feel like a strange or uncomfortable sensation. It is not uncommon for a pet to act a little “off” after having a grooming appointment which resulted in them being shaved.

For those clients looking to keep their pets fluffy we do offer professional brushes and combs for purchase. Be sure to ask your pet professional for any tips or tricks to keep your pet properly brushed out. We are always happy to help you keep your pet looking and feeling their very best!

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My pet came back very calm

Depending on what package you purchased, an aromatherapy treatment may have been added to your pets spa day. We use only Young Living essential oils which are 100% safe for animals of all sizes. Click the link below to purchase your own set of oils and experience a calmer pet 24/7. For any further information on the oils please email us with any questions. You can now bring the spa experience back home with you. Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon is now offering calming spray for purchase.

Click HERE for purchasing information.

Follow-Up Appointments

We encourage all of our clients to get set up on a regular grooming schedule. When a pet is groomed on a regular basis it becomes part of their routine and is more likely to be a stress-free process for them.

Set up an APPOINTMENT REQUEST here and be sure to request a regular schedule. We book on 2,4,6 or 8 week rotations and offer both latchkey and weekend appointments.

*availability dependant upon area of town*


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