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What to expect next:

Our highly trained Pet Professionals are here to provide your pet with the luxurious spa treatment they deserve.

How to prepare for your upcoming appointment:

If you will not be home, please ensure your pet is easily accessible. If you will be available to greet your Pet Professional, please make sure your pet has gone to the bathroom prior to our arrival. (We understand accidents happen, but we strive for the most pleasant experience possible without distractions.)

Have questions? Ask us!

We love the opportunity to educate pet owners about all the things grooming-related.

Don’t know what haircut style you want?

That’s OK! Our Pet Professionals are happy to discuss possible styles and haircut options with you.

We are here to make this a ‘’5 Paw Experience” so if there is anything we have not answered for you, one of our team members will happily answer any questions you may have!