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Keeping Up with Grooming Between Appointments


Grooming is a part of keeping a dog healthy. Depending on if your dog has long hair or short hair will depend on the kind of tools you will need to use. For dogs with longer hair or undercoat, daily brushing is ideal to keep the coat healthy and prevent matting. You want to make sure you are able to get down to the skin with the tool you are using.  If you are using a brush, use caution, as to not burn or irritate the skin.

Bathing & Drying

If you need to bathe your pet in between appointments, be sure to avoid water in the ears. Dogs with flat faces should not get water in the nose, as this could dangerous. Since you are applying water to areas that are prone to developing infections or diseases, you need to ensure that the water is clean.

Drying your pet can become a bonding experience. The more comfortable they are with the drying process at home, the more comfortable they will be with the groomer. Behavior such as playing with the hose or vacuum can escalate to dangerous behavior later on when they associate the hose with biting, so it is best to avoid “games” like that with your pet.  If your pet shows signs of stress during the drying be sure to make it a positive experience. You don’t have to necessarily stop drying completely, but instead reward them when they display good behavior and keep the atmosphere light and stress free. You can go as slow as necessary to ensure your pet is comfortable. It will benefit not only the groomer and yourself, but your pet as well.


This is a part of grooming many pet parents are nervous about. The trouble is pets can pick up on all types of energy, both good and bad. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable with its feet being handled.  If not, you can slow down this process as well, just like with the dryer, until they are 100% comfortable with their feet awning handled. If your pet bites, pulls back, or shows extreme signs of stress, you may want to contact a behaviorist, your groomer, or a vet for tips on how to curb this behavior.

A good tip in order to help your pet get used to having their legs and feet trimmed and clipped, is to touch and play with their feet. This is a vital part in grooming, and often one that is met with some type of struggle. You can help your pet get used to this by playing with their feet while giving them treats so they will associate happiness and relaxation with their feet being touched.

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