Services - Heather's Mobile Pet Salon
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Due to the demand for our services, we do not offer same day appointments.

We do not groom dogs in heat


  • Luxury spa bath with all natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Blueberry facial scrub/tear stain remover**
  • Toe nails clipped and ground
  • Ears cleaned / hair plucked as needed
  • Coat polish
  • Finishing Spray
  • Shed-Less treatment (Furminator)
  • Recurring appointments
  • Breath Freshener

* Additional charges may apply

  • Bows and Bandanas
  • Aromatherapy
  • Latchkey Service Available
  • Flea shampoo *
  • Skunk shampoo *
  • Toe nail polish*
  • Deep coat conditioner *
  • Teeth brushing *
  • Glands expressed **upon request only**

If your pet has had vaccinations or been seen by a vet we require a 48 hour wait before a grooming appointment.

Now offering weekend appointments!


We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. All checks must be made out to Heathers Mobile Pet Salon LLC. For your convenience we are now able to keep credit cards on file because we are a PCI compliant company.

Here at Heather’s mobile pet salon we strive to achieve the highest level of quality while keeping the comfort of your pet as our number one concern. Since there are so many different breeds, coat types, textures, and style preferences our pricing is based on the individual needs of your pet. We also take into consideration the time required based on behavior, coat condition and pets level of comfort with the grooming process. We will do our best to give an accurate estimate but all prices are subject to change based on behavior while being handled and condition of the coat.

“How do i know what i want for my pet?’’

Here is a brief description of grooming services to help us not only schedule the appropriate amount of time for your pet, but also help you understand groomer terminology.


Bath tidy trim- this service includes a bath, a sani trim (trimming of the belly and sanitation areas) (shaved belly and private), paws shaved and trimmed and face trimmed. This can also be done as an interim between haircut appointments.


Bath/shed less – this service helps to reduce the amount of dead hair and undercoat on your pet for a healthier shinier coat.


Outline trim – This is an option for pets who want to keep their coat but achieve a neatened appearance. We trim the front feathers, feet, underline, britches ( also sometimes called pants or butt hair) and chest.


Haircut- This includes hair cuts using leaving the coat up to about an inch long. **length may vary based on coat type and texture** this is typically what people will refer to as a puppy cut or a teddy bear cut. Maintenance can range from 4 to 8 weeks depending on level of upkeep done at home.


Scissor cut – These haircuts are more time consuming and expensive due to the amount of time required and skill needed to achieve a finished look. This haircut can only be achieved with a coat that is not matted. Any length over an inch to an inch and a half will fall in this category. Maintenance between appointments is recommended between 2 and 4 weeks to keep your pet from getting matted.

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