Getting Ready for Your Appointment - Heather's Mobile Pet Salon
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Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Now that you have your pets spa day booked there are a few things we want to go over in preparation for our arrival


*If you have time constraints please be sure to let the office know upon scheduling your appointment so we can properly arrange our day.


*Please be sure to take your pet out to the bathroom prior to the groomer arriving at the house.  Our groomers stay on a tight schedule so ensuring your pets have used the restroom will allow for more one on one time during their spa day.  If your pet is prone to poop or pee during the grooming process please do not feed for a few hours leading up to the appointment.


*Our grooming vans are self contained but in the instance we need access to water or electricity please alert your groomer to the nearest spigot or outlet


*Please be sure to leave the area directly in front of your home clear for the grooming vans to park.  The slant of some driveways can make your pet feel uncomfortable so we want to stay on as even of a surface as possible


*If you have any notes or pictures you would like to show your groomer as to how you want your pet groomed please be sure to have those handy upon our arrival.


*If in the instance you need to leave prior to your groomer finishing, please make sure payment is taken care of and we have access to drop your pet either back in the house or in the backyard


*we have our own leashes so please be sure to remove leashes, collars and harnesses